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Data Protection Policy

You have the right to determine how your personal details are used. For this reason, we see it as our responsibility to protect the personal information provided us during your visit to our website. We explain below what data is made available to us and what happens with it.

The data protection policy applies for our entire internet site. It does not apply for web pages from other providers whose links are found on our website.

Every time a page on our website is entered and each time data is requested, the following access data about each transaction is saved in a log on our server:

IP Address
Pages from which the data was requested
Date, time, type of browser, browser settings, operating system, web page visited, transferred data amount, access status (data transferred, data not found etc.)
Statistics are generated from this data, which help us to fine-tune our internet site to your needs.A personal profile can not be gleaned from this data, and the data, even in partial form, can not be passed on to a third party.

Right of access and correction of saved personal data
In accordance with § 34 und § 6b BDSG, users have the right to request information about saved personal information free of charge. In addition, according to law, users have the right to correct, bar and delete personal information.

Purchase on account with paymorrow
For assessing liability and credit risk, paymorrow or paymorrow responsible partners will transmit address details, within the limits of the law and taking into account your legitimate interest in the exclusion of such a transmission or use when registering to purchase on account, to a credit check agency for a credit check. These can (in Germany) among others be the following institutions:

In this case, you approve the transmission of your first and last name, street, house number, zip code, town, as well as your birth date to the aforementioned institutions.

Paymorrow in connection with this establishes that the partner institution engaged as well as the aforementioned institutions only process and use your data for the intended purpose.

All credit checks take place to rule out any difficulties with payment.

Exchange of data between paymorrow and paymorrow partner institutions and other credit information services protects online commerce from damages which on the long-term effect sales prices. As a customer you profit in this sense from checking customer data.

Consent to verification of identity:
If purchasing by invoice via paymorrow GmbH, you agree that your personal data shall be transmitted for the purposes of identity verification to SCHUFA (SCHUFA Holding AG, Kormoranweg 5, 65201 Wiesbaden, Germany) and the SCHUFA thereupon will provide feedback to paymorrow GmbH concerning the degree of correlation between the personal data stored by it and the personal data provided by you in percentage values, as well as - if applicable - provide information on any ID-based legitimacy verification previously carried out at SCHUFA or by another contract partner. Paymorrow GmbH can thus use the information concerning the degree of correlation to determine whether there are SCHUFA records on any person matching the address information provided by you. There will be no other data exchange or transmission of different addresses, nor will your data be stored in the SCHUFA records. Merely the fact of the address verification is recorded at SCHUFA for reasons of proof.
Cookies A cookie records the information a web server sends to a browser which then sends it back to the web server. Cookies use hypertext transfer protocol to increase the capability for saving information between requests. You can differentiate between persistent cookies and session cookies. The former are permanently saved (for example on the hard drive), while the latter are saved only for the duration of your visit.

Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. You can deactivate saving cookies or set your browser so that it informs you every time a cookie is sent.

We deploy cookies on our site. The information is not saved permanently. Using cookies for a limited time gives you the advantage, for example, when filling out various order forms, of not having to constantly re-enter personal details. Cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

Processing personal information

We give you the opportunity on our website to contact us and order a newsletter. The personal information gathered is used only for the purpose for which you have released it. The information is not passed on to a third party.

Changes to Data Protection Policy

Should new factors arise, such as the amendment of a federal data protection law, we will update our data protection policy.